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  • Cheng Ho Cultural Museum Melaka

    Relive the Ming Dynasty at Cheng Ho Cultural Museum in Melaka

    Your decision to visit Melaka can never turn out be the wrong one as there are several tourist attractions in Melaka. The city has a rich history with several historical building, architecture, heritage sites, and museums. Cheng Ho Cultural Museum is one of the prestigious places to visit in Melaka. All the artifacts in the […] More

  • Best places to go for massage in Melaka

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    Best Melaka Massage Centers – Rejuvenating Your Body & Soul

    Melaka is renowned as one of the perfect holiday destinations among the tourists, having loads of options to explore and enjoy with family and friends. You shall find the best restaurants, cafés, markets, clubs, various attractions and activities to do in Melaka, etc. that will never let you get bored. Similarly, to relax and help […] More

  • Melaka Nightlife is full of fun & entertainment in the town

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    Melaka Nightlife – 10 Fun Things to do in Melaka at Night

    Melaka Nightlife in the city usually revolves around spending time at restaurants, pubs, clubs and discos. After the sunset, apart from just having dinner, you can just hang out at the famous places in town that remain open even after midnight. If you are after more feisty entertainment, then you need to take your route […] More

  • Florist Melaka - Best Floral shops in Melaka



    Melaka Florists – Best Flower Shops in Melaka

    Have you ever been stressed out, just because you could not find a flower shop in Melaka during your vacation? Well, as a matter of fact, it has happened with a number of tourists around that they are unable to reach or access flower shop to please their loved one, family or friends on a […] More

  • Know the best time to visit Melaka to make most of your trip to UNESCO world heritage site

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    Best Time to Visit Melaka – UNESCO World Heritage Site

    When you plan for vacation the most important question to ask is what is the best time to visit that place? Melaka is no exception. You cannot just hang backpack on your shoulders and leave for Melaka. You must know its weather, climate, and should be sure when the best time to visit Melaka is. […] More

  • Best Pet Shops in Melaka for Pet Lovers

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    Best Pet Shops in Melaka for Pet Lovers

    Melaka is counted among the most visited places in Malaysia. The beautiful beaches, rich heritage, exotic food and various other attractions in Melaka, makes it one of the favorite destination for tourists. You shall find that Melaka city never lets its tourists and locals get bored. Apart from the various restaurants, cafés and other necessary […] More

  • Restaurants offering authentic Korean food in Melaka

    Best Restaurants to try Korean Food in Melaka

    People dwelling in the Melaka state and the visitors coming to explore its vicinity are very much fond of eating Korean food in Melaka. The reason of Korean cuisine is said to be extremely popular in the Melaka state due to the emanation of myriad immigrants considering Melaka for being the friendly nature state and […] More

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    Cronovirus Pandemic turns Melaka into a Ghost Town

    The video tells us about the current situation that the city of Melaka is going through due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. What once used to be a famous tourist spot, Melaka has now become a ghost town since the implementation of city-wide Covid-19 movement control order. Nationwide orders of forcing people to stay […] More

  • 10 Melaka fun facts to know the city better

    10 Fun Facts about Melaka to know the City Better

    Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) is undoubtedly the most interesting city in Malaysia from a historical perspective. While Malaysia dire sites and monuments full of history compared to its South Asian neighbors, Malacca is a cultural oasis with a rich colonial past. Successively colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English, the city guard […] More

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