Cronovirus Pandemic turns Melaka into a Ghost Town

The video tells us about the current situation that the city of Melaka is going through due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. What once used to be a famous tourist spot, Melaka has now become a ghost town since the implementation of city-wide Covid-19 movement control order. Nationwide orders of forcing people to stay at homes and shut down of all non-essential businesses continues, as the movement control is said to last till April 28th.

Melaka People Reacts to Cronovirus

Here is what the people of Melaka have to say about Covid-19.

Mohd Isa Mursidi, a Trishaw rider in Melaka said, “Actually, it has been like this since the early days [of the Covid-19 outbreak]. It was still okay yesterday and there were still people in the city. But today there are zero people, no can be seen.”

Mohd Izhar Razali, who is a river cruise operator in Melaka, further added that “There are no people here. I have been put on standby on here.”

The interviewer questioned him, “So, no tourists come here at all, right?’, to which he replied “Yes, indeed. Nobody came and asked (about our service).”

Moreover, the interviewer wanted to know how responsive the people have been to the orders, so she asks, “Does it mean that the people of Melaka and tourists follow the order?’

Mohd Izhar Razali replies, “Yes, they indeed follow the government’s order.”

The Melaka chapter of the Malaysian Association of Hotels said that many hotel managers are affected by the pandemic but are finding ways to stay off course. The streets of Kuching, Sarawak were spotted to be empty as police forces have pushed people to stay at home.

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In these tough times, Bisnu Majnis, an operator of a petrol station in Petra Jaya gives a detailed explanation of how he plays his part for the society and helps others in coping up with this challenging situation.

Bisnu states, “The reason why our Petronas petrol station is providing our customers with the facility of washing their hands is part of our CSR initiative. We provide clean water, soap and tissue paper with the hope that our customers will be able to use them.”

He further adds, “We also ensure that all our nozzles be cleaned with sanitizer. As far as I know, there have been no cases linked to the use of nozzle at petrol stations; But we are doing our best to ensure the cleanliness of every single nozzle at this petrol station.”

As of April 11, 2020, Malaysia has recorded 4,530 Covid-19 positive cases, along with 73 deaths.

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