Homestay Melaka, A Complete Guide to live like Locals in Melaka

Homestay Melaka is an experience to live in the historical city of Melaka like locals.

Here is a Homestay Melaka Guide for you to have an experience of Melaka life just like the locals do.

It is great to look different and be identifiable in the crowd. Yet, there is a fun in living like general locals too. When visiting a destination which is also a UNESCO world heritage site, you should try to live, eat, travel and behave like locals. Yes, do in the Rome as the Romans do! Here is a Homestay Melaka Guide for you to have an experience of Melaka life just like the locals do.

Homestay Idea

You may think why homestay is suggested when travelling through Melaka? The homestay allows you to have a deeper knowledge and know-how about the culture of a place. It is like having an insider view to a land and its society. When you live as a paying guest with a local family, you get to have first-hand knowledge about lifestyle, dressing, eating patterns, rituals and traditions of the local people.

In a hotel, you are only a visitor treated as a guest, but you would probably prefer to have good conduct of staff as well as to be treated like a sort of family member.

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Is Homestay in Melaka Expensive?

There are numerous homestay options in Melaka that we will discuss shortly. The range of per night payment starts from 60 Malaysian Ringgit (around USD 18) and can be as costly as 375 Malaysian Ringgit (almost over USD 110). The hotels offer you per night room services in almost the same range, but they charge you separately for the meals. Most of the homestay places are more flexible and may offer a free breakfast. Free guidance is a plus!

Homestay options in Melaka

There are many places that offer you homestay experience in Melaka but you should not risk your safety at any cost. The local people are very warm and welcoming, yet you are recommended to choose among options not only on the basis of prices alone but also the location and credibility of place.

For your convenience, here are some of the places where you can enjoy homestay experience in Melaka:

  1. Heeren House (Just by the Jonker Walk)
  2. Manis Manis Cottage Lodge (Near Jonker Street)
  3. Chin Hua Holiday Home 2, Melaka (Near Melaka River)
  4. Sunshine Jonker Guesthouse (Near Jonker Street)
  5. Tropical Terrace Homestay (At 10 minutes’ drive distance to the East of Jonker Street)
  6. Luv2Stay, Melaka (Near Jonker Street and Melaka River)
  7. Famosa Homestay (At 2 KM North of Menara Melaka)

Almost all these places offer you additional services free of cost like the parking, Wi-Fi, sitting areas other than the bed rooms, kitchens and the guidance.

Ambassador while your homestay

Homestay offers experience to mingle with locals. You would enjoy the diverse cultures but there are also chances of conflicts. So, you must try not to be too loud, messy or too late when living as a paying guest in Melaka. Try to enjoy homestay and absorb the information you get while interacting with the hosts. You can give a decent gift to the hosts or their kids as a token of appreciation.

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