How to Travel by Bus from Melaka to Penang

How to travel by bus from Melaka to Penang in a day

The ancient sites that you will discover during your tour to Melaka are so breathtaking that you will forget all about your tiredness. Just like Melaka, Penang is also one of the states of Malaysia; While exploring Melaka in Malaysia, one must surely visit Penang too as it is only 510 kilometers away from Melaka.

Melaka and Penang both share a mutual capital state, i.e. Georgetown. Since both states come under the UNESCO world heritage site, there are plenty of heritage sites to explore in Penanag as well. Some of the most heavily populated areas in Penang include rural areas like Balik Pulau and Telok Kumbar, and lower urban parts like Tanjang Tokong, Kampong Melayu Air Itam and Perak road.

Majority of the population comprises of cosmopolitan cultures like Chinese & Indians that scattered in parts of Bayan Baru, Gelugar and Tanjong Bunga. The entire urban areas including Butterworth and Mukit Mertajam is home to a lot of Chinese.

Bus from Malacca to Penang

If you want to enjoy the beauty of Melaka and Penang together then the best option is to travel by bus. Traveling via bus from Melaka to Penang is extremely economical and takes six hours and thirty minutes, approximately. If you wish to travel from Melaka to Penang by bus, you may want to refer to some of the bus services as mentioned below:

  • Billion Stars departs from Melaka Sentral around 8:30am and arrives at two destinations in Penang – Butterworth and Sungai Nibong.
  • There are two consecutive Transnasional bus services that will pick you up from Melaka Sentral at 8:30am or 8:30pm and drop you at Butterworth in Penang.
  • Cepat & Cekap Express departs at two different timings that are 11:30am and 12:15pm from Melaka Sentral and Alor Gajah and both arrive in Butterworth, Penang.

Why Choose a Bus Service?

Travelling to Penang from Melaka by bus will prove to be extremely adventurous as the original history of Malaysian Peninsula can only be understood by observing and travelling through every state of the island, in the same way the major historians discovered.

For instance, much of the history of Malaysian Island can be understood by discovering its three major states that are Melaka, Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Everything from the inhabitance of the Chinese culture to emanation of British to the growth of the Sultans in Melaka and its independence can be observed in the above-mentioned states.

Taking a bus from Melaka to Penang gives you a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a chance in viewing the adventurous and ancient sites, and for that purpose you can avail the direct bus services from Melaka Sentral to Penang Island. Remember that you must arrive at Melaka Sentral earlier than the departure time in order to avail the bus service and avoid the rush of passengers.

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Travelling to Penang Island via bus lets you take pleasure in observing the rich historical sites of Malaysian Peninsula. Just like Melaka, you will witness that Penang is the second most beautiful ancient islands of Malaysia with a deep history that tourists will simply love. Moreover, most of the bus services take you to Butterworth in Penang which is where you will most certainly find horde of tourists.

Feature Image Credit: Cepat & Cekap Express

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