How to Travel By Bus from Melaka to Singapore

How to travel by bus from Melaka to Singapore in 3 to 4 hours

After moving towards the end of your trip to Melaka and viewing the historical remnants of this small yet beautiful town, you should not miss out on exploring the marvels of Singapore. You can add so much more spark to your trip by exploring the breathtaking sceneries that Singapore has to offer, such as Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Merlion, Gardens of the Bay, etc.

An exciting road trip from Melaka to Singapore by bus is all it takes! Upon reaching Singapore, you can take the Singapore Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour which is a terrific way of exploring the beauty of Singapore.

The best and easiest way to travel to Singapore from Melaka is by means of a bus as the average distance is barely 250 kilometers. When it comes to travelling via bus from Melaka to Singapore, there are more than a dozen bus coach services that you can opt for. The bus ride is extremely smooth and enjoyable, and you can reach your destination in about 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic.

List of Bus Services from Melaka to Singapore

A few buses that operate between the two routes are 707 Inc, One Travel and Tours, KKKL Travel and Tours, Starmart Express, and many more. With a wealth of bus companies to choose from, it’s quite simple to find a bus service that matches your ideal time and date of departure. Without further ado, here’s a highlight of some of the most frequently travelling bus services that you can choose for going from Melaka to Singapore.


Getting to Singapore from Melaka becomes extremely easy and relaxed by choosing to travel with 707-Inc. The 707 Inc takes you from Melaka Sentral, Hatten Hotel Melaka, The Straits Hotel, Novotel Melaka, Mahkota Hotel, Casa Del Rio Hotel in Melaka to Queen Street Bus Terminal, Ban San Street, Boon Lay and Woodlands in Singapore.

The bus fares start at $13 Singaporean dollars. 707-Inc is the most budget friendly bus service available that covers 170 rounds, starting from 6:00 am to 7:10 pm.

Delima Express Coach

Delima Express is one of Melaka’s most renowned bus company that provides several bus tours in Malaysia from Melaka Sentral to The City Plaza and Woodlands in Singapore. The buses at Delima Express take almost three hours and 20 minutes to get to Singapore and are equipped with all the necessities like air conditioning, luggage section and reclining chairs. Delima Express bus rides makes 14 trips from Melaka to Singapore, starting from 8 am till 7 pm.

KKKL Travel & Tours

The KKKL Travel & Tours bus coaches pick up points in Melaka are Casa Del Rio Hotel, Hatten Hotel Melaka, and The Pines Hotel. These buses travel will take you to various destinations in Singapore such as Kovan Hub, Tampines MRT, Westgate (East Jurong), etc. Starting from 1:30pm to 5:30pm, KKKL makes 24 rounds at a minimum fare of $29.00.

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Lapan Lapan Travel

Lapan Lapan Travel is a unique bus service that has been operating in the travel industry for a while now. It was founded by Mr. Ng Sak Wai in 1992 for the purpose of offering outbound bus rides between Malaysia Singapore. Lapan Lapan Travel covers one route from Hatten Hotel in Melaka to Park Royal Hotel in Singapore. Lapan Lapan makes 5 trips between the times 2:00 – 2:30pm with fares starting from $25 Singaporean dollars.

Sri Maju Group

Sri Maju has become one of Malaysia’ leading bus service providers where all the buses depart from Melaka Sentral and arrive at Golden Mile Complex in Singapore.
Regular buses come in 25-seaters or 36-seaters, and then comes the high decker called Mega Luxury bus. These luxurious buses have 21 seats and feature individual TV screens and a complete entertainment system with movies and music, to provide an in-flight experience.

StarMart Express

Known as one of the most efficient and trustworthy bus service providers, you can find frequent bus rides with StarMart Express that cover the route between Melaka and Singapore. Mahkota Medical Center and Melaka Sentral are the two pick up points at Melaka.

The buses will drop you off either at Woodlands, Boon Lay or Golden Mile Complex in Singapore. From the first bus at 7:30 am till the last bus at 11:00 pm, Starmart Express makes 40 rounds between these 2 points.

The One Travel & Tours

The departure points of The One Travel & Tours from Melaka are Estadia Hotel, The Straits Hotel and Suits, Casa Del Rio Melaka Hotel and Melaka Sentral, which will take you to Boon Lay and 7500A Beach Road, Singapore.

Bus fares start from $26.50 and their buses are equipped with spacious leg room and comfortable seats with a 2+1 exclusive seat design. Operating between the hours of 2:30 – 3:00 pm, The One Travel & Tours makes 14 rounds between the two destinations.

WTS Travel and Tours

WTS Travel and Tours is yet another popular bus service that has a fleet of 60+ deluxe vehicles and highly professional drivers who possess expert level driving skills and are aware of all the routes that they engage in.

WTS Travel and Tours coaches can take you from The Straits Hotel, Case Del Rio hotel and Hatten Hotel in Melaka to Singapore Flyers, Our Tampines Hub, and Jurong East Venture Avenue in Singapore between the intervals of 2:30 pm to 3:15 pm, at a cost of $28.00.

You can choose to travel to Singapore by using the luxury buses or the more economical budget coaches. The bus fares of budget coaches will cost somewhere around $10-25 while the luxury coaches are a bit more expensive and will vary somewhere around $50 or less. All luxurious buses are facilitated with free Wi-Fi, relaxing seats and all accommodations for entertainment.

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Despite of taking a bit longer than it would have as compared to flying, the bus ride to Singapore provides miraculous sightseeing opportunities. If you have traveled by bus from Melaka to Singapore, feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

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