Malacca Malaysia, A Must visit UNESCO World Heritage Site

The UNESCO World Heritage status was awarded to Malacca Malaysia in 2008.

Malacca Malaysia, A must-visit UNESCO world heritage site in Malaysia

Malacca Malaysia’s heritage did not remain unnoticed by the appreciating eyes of UNESCO. The UN body UNESCO rated Malacca Malaysia heritage in 2008. The land is free of smoke and enjoys the status of example for the countries and regions that want to maintain a healthy environment. The area is habitat for many species including giant lizards.


Malacca Malaysia was not historically connected to other countries through traded networks alone. The Europeans, Portuguese, Dutch and British invaded the land several times. Dutch governors left their official residences as their mark in the area. Japanese left their final mark in the World War II. The land was built several times and destroyed too.

What could not be destroyed was its pure air and culture. There is much more to see in Malacca besides the water and parks. The tourists are excited to see the Dutch Square and miles of area. Here are some of the recommended historical place to visit on your trip to Malacca.

Cultural Hub

Melaka is culturally similar to Malaysian island Georgetown, Penang. Thus the two share UNESCO World Heritage status. Melaka touches shipping routes that connects Indian Ocean with the Far East. Malacca experiences monsoonal winds and thus the weather is very pleasant during monsoon season. Historically, visitors came to Malacca from India, Arab, China and Iran for trade purposes. It was a hub of traders for exchanging silk, spices and dyes. Every trader and every nation that came to Melaka added some value in it that enhances its grace till today.

Heritage Sites

Melaka is recognized by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Sites in 2008. You will find many historical buildings while roaming in Malacca like Churches, Ruins of Forts, Palaces, Temples and Graveyards. The Malacca Malaysia administration has remarkably saved its heritage and apart from destroyed centuries old forts, the Dutch, Chinese, Malay and Muslim buildings are nicely preserved.

The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum is one such site that offers an insight to the lifestyle, dressing and rituals of the old Chinese Malay people. The Heeren house heritage was a warehouse that today serves as a guesthouse. The Sultanate Palace Melaka is another heritage currently being used as a museum.

There are many other heritage sites which attract tourists including Christ Church Melaka, St. Paul’s Hill, the Stadthuys, A Famosa Fort, St. John Fort, Cheng Hong Ten Temple, St Peter’s Church, Maritime Museum & others.

It is also recommended to do one of the activities for the heritage exploration in Melaka:

Popular Food

Tourists seldom forget what they ate while travelling. You will also collect some great memories of Malay, Chinese and Nyonya food from Melaka. The popular food of Melaka includes Chicken rice balls, Satays, Cellups (local deserts), Coconut shakes, Noodles, Soups and Fried Fish. Melaka people love their half cooked seafood dishes dipped in Satays. The one-bite puffs are great and fabulously fresh confectionery food item of Melaka.

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Night life

Walking in the street markets of Melaka is best night time activity. You would love the walk in Jonker Street and experience Jonker Walk, where you can shop around on the stalls selling things from artifacts to food, clothing and jewelry. This is one of the best places to buy a gifts & souvenirs for your family and friends.

Heritage Hotels and Backpacker

There are many heritage hotels and traveler inns that you should visit in Melaka. These places offer you hospitality and you would feel home while living in Melaka. We have also added backpacking guide to Melaka for your reference. Some of the great places where you can stay are:

  • Wonderful Homestay Melaka
  • River Song Residence
  • River One Residence
  • The Travelers Hostel & Guesthouse Melaka
  • Kota Lodge
  • Sayang-Sayang 2 Youth Hostel
  • 9 Jalan Bunga Raya, Melaka

The historical city of Melaka is just 3 to 4 hours bus ride away from Singapore & Kuala Lumpur. For history lovers, it is a recommended place to visit on your trip.

Feature Image Credit: Catherine Poh Huay Tan

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