Melaka Food – Top 10 must-try Cuisines & Deserts in Melaka

Melaka is famous for it’s food. We have listed some of the best & must-try Melaka Food to try!

Melaka is famous for it's food. We have listed top 10 local Cuisines & Deserts you can try in Melaka

One of the main specialty of Melaka is it’s food. In most parts of the world, you would find one dominating taste that can be sweet, salty, sour or spicy. But in Malacca, all these tastes are available in their best combination. There are so many enjoyable cuisines & deserts in Malacca. We have picked top 10 Melaka food, you must try on your trip to this historical city of Malaysia.

Best Melaka Food

You can find best of Malay, Chinese & Indian food in Melaka. The rich heritage of the city offers unique blend of food to the visitors. Here, we have listed top 10 Melaka Food for foodies.

Chicken Rice Ball

Malay and Chinese people love rice and rice dishes. The Chicken rice ball is one of their favorite and abundantly offered in Malacca. You should try chicken rice balls at Restoran Formosa and/or Kedai Kopi Chung Wah. The dish is served not very hot. The chicken is cooked with ginger and green onion. The Chicken Rice Balls in Melaka are offered both in semi spicy and spicy flavors. It is a main meal that can be had at the lunch as well as the dinner.


Cendol is one of the recommend Melaka desert you must try on your trip. You can try the Lao Qian Ice Café. The place offers confectionery sweet dishes. Do not be saddened by the only layer of crushed ice on the top of cendols bowl. Once you mix the cendols with your spoon in bowl, you will find red beans, gula Melaka, durian, coco and atap seeds. It is a great food since there are too many textures and tastes combined in the dish.


Durian puffs are another must try food in Melaka. These are one bite bakery items. The durian is covered in cream and light pastry puff. The cream is so fresh that you can take away these puffs and these will serve for many hours. You might also like pastry items with cocoa taste that resembles chocolate. You can try these delicious puffs in one of the recommended Melaka Cafe.

Fish Cake

You must try the fish cakes or Ah Mah fish cakes in Melaka. The taste of these fish cakes is so bouncy and delightful that you love them. The fish cakes are served with salad; mostly tomato and cucumber salad. Divine egg taste mixes with fish and makes great food that is served at Jonker Street. Bet it, this local Fish cake is another unique dish & unique taste you might not find other than in Melaka.

Sambal Dishes

Sambal is a chili pepper sauce which makes dishes spicier and full of flavor. You must try any of the Melaka food that uses samba sauce. Some dishes include Sambal squid dish (sotong), Sambal kangkong (spinach) and the roller coaster taste of sambal chicken. Unique sambal taste is evident especially in vegetable dishes because there is shrimp paste of fish powder in it which enhances the flavor of food.

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Satay Celup

The exotic satay celup is strictly not to miss. It is a dish with semi-cooked seafood dipped in sauce. The chefs dip seafood into boiling satay gravy for the great taste to lance. Don’t quit your plans to eat this great dis simply because there is a long queue at the restaurant. It is worth waiting for the order of satay celup. You may like to have peanut sauce with the dish too. A must-try local cuisine that you can enjoy in Melaka.

Spring Rolls

I would probably have spring rolls in Melaka during, before and after meal times. The spring rolls here are so tasty and easy to find & carry that you can eat them anywhere. These rolls are filled with egg, sweet and piquant chili sauce. The ingredients are often rolled in pancakes or the egg wrap. These spring rolls are generously filled which makes it another must try food in Melaka.

Fish Curry

The Malay and Chinese people like fish curry alike and assam pedash is one of most favorite fish curry dishes in Melaka. This gravy style fish is nice to try with boiled rice. Almost every other Melaka person or guide will suggest you to try this dish. You will love the vegetables in the curry too that include tomato and lady finger; a unique combo. For seafood lovers, here is the guide to the best Melaka seafood restaurants.

Tandoori Chicken

This roasted chicken food is a blessing for meat lovers. It is a spicy dish cooked in a a Tandoor or a local oven/kiln. The fibers of chicken taste great as the chicken is cooked directly on fire without adding water or other liquids. The tandoori chicken is great to eat alone but adding naan makes it even superb.

The above listed Melaka local food & deserts are highly recommended. These are among the top 10 local cuisines & deserts you an find in Malacca. To recommend a local Melaka food, please add comments below.

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