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  • Restaurants offering authentic Korean food in Melaka

    Best Restaurants to try Korean Food in Melaka

    People dwelling in the Melaka state and the visitors coming to explore its vicinity are very much fond of eating Korean food in Melaka. The reason of Korean cuisine is said to be extremely popular in the Melaka state due to the emanation of myriad immigrants considering Melaka for being the friendly nature state and […] More

  • For fresh seafood items such as fish, prawns, crabs, squids, you must try eating in one of the recommended seafood restaurants in Melaka



    Best Seafood Restaurants in Melaka for Seafood Lovers

    There are plenty of best and popular seafood restaurants in Melaka to be enjoyed by its various numbers of tourists by and large that mainly provides freshly cooked seafood dishes within a vivacious and natural ambiance. Thus, Melaka seafood is considered to be the best option for seafood lovers in Melaka. It is also among […] More

  • You can try best western food in Melaka from many restaurants & hotels in Melaka.

    Try Best Western Food in Melaka from these Restaurants

    Here in Melaka we tasted food at different points from various stalls and that was really the best food due to being economical with an excellent taste. It has been observed since past that western food in Melaka was said to be one of the expensive eatables because of its quality concerns. Therefore, in the […] More

  • Where to eat in Melaka like locals and enjoy best of local Chinese & Malay food

    Where to eat in Melaka like Locals & enjoy Best Cuisine

    When staying in a hotel, you might not directly know about and eat the local food of Melaka. However, there are some restaurants and food places where you can eat like locals. The restaurants offer you unique tastes while the stalls will offer almost a homogenous taste. We have listed some of the local eateries […] More

  • Nyonya Food is a fusion between Chinese & Malay Food. We have listed best restaurants to try Nyonya Cuisine in Melaka.

    Nyonya Food in Melaka is Simply the Best in Malaysia

    Fusion dishes are almost always a delightful surprise to the taste buds. When you are in Melaka, your tongue will have certainly a lot of such great tasty and yummy experiences. The unique Chinese taste and cuisine expertise combined with the Malay food experience and offered the Nyonya dishes that are popular in Malaysia specially […] More