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  • Best places to go for massage in Melaka

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    Best Melaka Massage Centers – Rejuvenating Your Body & Soul

    Melaka is renowned as one of the perfect holiday destinations among the tourists, having loads of options to explore and enjoy with family and friends. You shall find the best restaurants, cafés, markets, clubs, various attractions and activities to do in Melaka, etc. that will never let you get bored. Similarly, to relax and help […] More

  • Know the best time to visit Melaka to make most of your trip to UNESCO world heritage site

    Best Time to Visit Melaka – UNESCO World Heritage Site

    When you plan for vacation the most important question to ask is what is the best time to visit that place? Melaka is no exception. You cannot just hang backpack on your shoulders and leave for Melaka. You must know its weather, climate, and should be sure when the best time to visit Melaka is. […] More

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    Cronovirus Pandemic turns Melaka into a Ghost Town

    The video tells us about the current situation that the city of Melaka is going through due to the global pandemic of Coronavirus. What once used to be a famous tourist spot, Melaka has now become a ghost town since the implementation of city-wide Covid-19 movement control order. Nationwide orders of forcing people to stay […] More

  • 10 Melaka fun facts to know the city better



    10 Fun Facts about Melaka to know the City Better

    Malacca (or Melaka in Malay) is undoubtedly the most interesting city in Malaysia from a historical perspective. While Malaysia dire sites and monuments full of history compared to its South Asian neighbors, Malacca is a cultural oasis with a rich colonial past. Successively colonized by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the English, the city guard […] More

  • There are plenty of Spa Service providers in Melaka providing relaxing spa & massage service to tourists in Melaka

    Spa Melaka – Best 5 Authentic Spa in Melaka for Body Relaxation

    Melaka is best known for being a UNESCO world heritage site & a favorite travel destination for tourists who are interested in heritage & culture. There is almost everything for tourists in Melaka and that includes some of the best & the authentic Spa in Melaka as well. Best Spa in Melaka We will look […] More

  • visit Golden Screen Cinema Melaka for some movie time

    Visit Golden Screen Cinema Melaka for Some Movie Time

    Apart from exploring the historic sites and magnificence of the state of Melaka, watching a movie in the Golden Screen Cinema Melaka is yet another thing that you must include in your to-do lists while in Melaka. The most popular Golden Screen Cinema is well-known for being the number one entertainment spot in Melaka city […] More

  • Visit Money Changer Melaka to exchange foreign currenty with the local one.

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    Money Changer Melaka – Money Exchange Tips & Shops in Melaka

    Whenever you are visiting a place, it is important to carry the local currency as it is acceptable in all the shops & restaurants. If you forgot to exchange the currency then no worries, as you will find plenty of money exchanges for that purpose. In today’s world, currency exchange is easy and available in […] More

  • To make most of your trip as a budget traveler, we have compiled 10 handy tips for backpackers traveling to Malacca
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    10 Malacca Travel Tips for Backpackers & Budget Travelers

    Malacca is THE place for the travelers. If you like carrying too many things with you, you may miss a lot of fun and entertainment. So, you are suggested to have a light luggage in order to make it a great venture. Here are some of the guidelines & handy tips for the backpackers travelling […] More

  • Here is a Homestay Melaka Guide for you to have an experience of Melaka life just like the locals do.

    Homestay Melaka, A Complete Guide to live like Locals in Melaka

    It is great to look different and be identifiable in the crowd. Yet, there is a fun in living like general locals too. When visiting a destination which is also a UNESCO world heritage site, you should try to live, eat, travel and behave like locals. Yes, do in the Rome as the Romans do! […] More

  • What to do in Malacca Malaysia in a day. One day tour guide to the historical city of Malacca in Malaysia

    One Day Tour Guide to Malacca Malaysia

    Planning to visit Melaka Malaysia, But what to do in Malacca in a day? There is so much to do there already that the planning part needs to be done before leaving. You need to find the culture of Melaka and Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and British influence on the land. You might light to begin […] More