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  • Melaka Nightlife is full of fun & entertainment in the town

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    Melaka Nightlife – 10 Fun Things to do in Melaka at Night

    Melaka Nightlife in the city usually revolves around spending time at restaurants, pubs, clubs and discos. After the sunset, apart from just having dinner, you can just hang out at the famous places in town that remain open even after midnight. If you are after more feisty entertainment, then you need to take your route […] More

  • Melaka Zoo Night Safari is highly recommended activity in Malacca for some family fun time.

    Try Melaka Zoo Night Safari for some Family Fun

    The most visited zoo and night safari to explore in Malacca is popularly known as Melaka Zoo Night Safari situated in the Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh; Melaka city in Malaysian peninsular. Although, historic facts depicts that it was first invented in the year 1963 was governed by the Melaka authoritarian sector than in […] More

  • How to travel by bus from Melaka to Penang in a day

    How to Travel by Bus from Melaka to Penang

    The ancient sites that you will discover during your tour to Melaka are so breathtaking that you will forget all about your tiredness. Just like Melaka, Penang is also one of the states of Malaysia; While exploring Melaka in Malaysia, one must surely visit Penang too as it is only 510 kilometers away from Melaka. […] More

  • Visit Gadek Hot Springs Melaka to observe nature & healing

    Visit Fascinating Gadek Hot Springs Melaka

    The Gadek Hot Springs Melaka can be seen here in Kampung Ganun within the district of Alor Gajah that is situated at the distance of around thirty kilometers from the main city of Melaka. Gadek Hot Springs Melaka is an ideal place to visit for the tourists and for the locals as well to spend […] More

  • How to travel by bus from Melaka to Singapore in 3 to 4 hours

    How to Travel By Bus from Melaka to Singapore

    After moving towards the end of your trip to Melaka and viewing the historical remnants of this small yet beautiful town, you should not miss out on exploring the marvels of Singapore. You can add so much more spark to your trip by exploring the breathtaking sceneries that Singapore has to offer, such as Marina […] More

  • bus-from-melaka-to-kuala-lampur

    How to Travel by Bus from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur

    After exploring the ancient state of Melaka we decided to travel to Kuala Lumpur. We therefore got to know that traveling by bus from Melaka to Kuala Lampur is relatively easy. You can avail bus from Melaka Sentral Station or other designated pickup points. The route is 121.51 kilometers long that is equivalent to 75.51 […] More

  • 10 Malacca Tourist Attractions that you should not miss on your trip to Melaka

    10 Malacca Tourist Attractions you Should not Miss

    Malacca is one the historical city in Malaysia, famous for it’s heritage, culture & food. Whether you want to visit Melaka for fun, foodie venture, historical tour or natural beauty, Malacca is one of the best destination in Malaysia. Don’t forget to explore ten Malacca tourist attractions which are highly recommended to visit. Malacca Tourist […] More

  • To make most of your trip as a budget traveler, we have compiled 10 handy tips for backpackers traveling to Malacca
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    10 Malacca Travel Tips for Backpackers & Budget Travelers

    Malacca is THE place for the travelers. If you like carrying too many things with you, you may miss a lot of fun and entertainment. So, you are suggested to have a light luggage in order to make it a great venture. Here are some of the guidelines & handy tips for the backpackers travelling […] More

  • The Melaka River flows through the city. This river was once used for the purpose of trade, especially during the time of 15th century, but today it is a tourist spot with one of the best natural design. The river flows by the streets and offers a great view particularly when the lights reflect in water at night.



    Melaka River Once a Trade Centre now a Tourist Spot

    Historically, the cities beside the rivers were the most attractive places for settlements as well as tourism. Malacca has a rich historical as well as landscape features. The Melaka River flows through the city. This river was once used for the purpose of trade, especially during the time of 15th century, but today it is […] More

  • Bus from Singapore to Melaka takes about 3 to 4 hours and cost less then $50.

    Singapore to Melaka by Bus – A Journey Full of Excitement

    Apologies Wright Brothers, but buses are still fun in most parts of the world. Especially when the distances are short and the place is as beautiful as Melaka, nobody would like another means than bus. This three to four hour ride bus from Singapore to Melaka is direct and full of anxiousness for the tourism […] More

  • River Cruise Melaka Complete Guide. The historical cruise ride within the city centre of Melaka. Passengers on the boat can view the historical & colorful architecture at the both sides of the river during the ride. Boat leaves every 30 minutes.

    River Cruise Melaka let you capture Melaka History in 30 minutes

    A floating jetty, colorful lights reflecting their beauty through the mirror of water, dreamy lamp posts and the trees, all these make River Cruise Melaka a memorable experience and an unforgettable journey. As your cruise starts ‘sailing’, you will see the colorful Melaka architecture by the both sides, reflecting rich culture & heritage. Red, white […] More