One Day Tour Guide to Malacca Malaysia

Below is the suggest one day itinerary to your trip to Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What to do in Malacca Malaysia in a day. One day tour guide to the historical city of Malacca in Malaysia

Planning to visit Melaka Malaysia, But what to do in Malacca in a day? There is so much to do there already that the planning part needs to be done before leaving. You need to find the culture of Melaka and Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and British influence on the land.

You might light to begin your day with the panoramic view of the city. The Stadthuys, A Famosa Resort, oldest Chinese temple, Baba and Nyonya Heritage and the river will welcome you to the city where people are never lost but in pun and amazement.

Suggested Day Schedule

Below is the suggest one day itinerary to your trip to Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

8am: Start your day with a cup of coffee at Calanthe Art Café. It is an awesome coffee house with fabulous cultural decoration. There are over 12 types of coffees available, but they serve ice coffee with brownies best.

9am: Visit Stadthuys. It is an Old Dutch building which is also known as the Red Square. See the clock tower of the building. Visitors to Melaka never miss this place as it’s located in the city center. You will find the Stadthuys at Laksamana Road near the Christ Church. Do not miss the Museum of History and Ethnography in the building. Many of the historical buildings can be found here.

10am: Enjoy Melaka River Cruise ride. Morning is a great time for taking pictures. The streets by the side of river offer a great view. You will need a few minutes’ walk to reach the river since it is just near the Stadthuys. A 30 minutes Melaka River Curise ride will give you a history lesson for sure.

11am: Stopover Maritime Museum near the River Cruise. You can spend a great hour here finding maps and accessories used in maritime. The museum is famous for the replica of a sunken Portuguese Ship.

12pm: Visit Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum just by the Stadthuys. This place was once a home to Malay Chinese and is only a heritage place today. The place is so well maintained that one must visit it if one wants to find the best example of Chinese Malay culture.

1pm: Lunch Time. You can have soups, duck noodles and cendols anywhere in Melaka, but the spice lovers will like the Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant the most.

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2pm: Take a little walk up the hill to visit St. Paul’s Church in Melaka. It is about fifteen minute walk or 7 minute drive away from the Pak Putra Restaurant. The ruins of the building offer a great view of the Melaka city. Breathe fresh air on the hill and spend a nice hour.

3pm: Have an eight minute walk towards A Famosa, a historical fort located nearby the church. It is a great place to see how history lives and changes with time. The remains of the fort are maintained and have been preserved a little better than many of other historical buildings.

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4pm: Climb up the Menara Malacca which is only at six minute walking distance from the A Famosa historical fort. You will have a great view of the city. It is a 110 meters tall tower that is great spot to experience aerial view of Malacca city.

5pm: In less than 20 minutes you can walk to the Jonker Street Melaka. The street is one of most vibrant places in Melaka because the tourists rush to visit this place for its historical stalls, local food and souvenir shops. Walk around this historical street and get some gifts for your loved ones back home.

7pm: Take the Jonker walk as you move around the famous Jonker Street. This is another popular tourist attraction in Malacca. You will find some antique and craft stalls here and a lot of food stalls. Before you know it, you would have spent an hour or two at the place. There is no traffic on the street and people love to walk by the stalls.

9pm: Have a dinner at Nancy’s Kitchen at night. Just by the Jonker Street, you will enjoy the reasonably priced unique dished. Seafood is a must try menu here.

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Bus from Singapore to Melaka takes about 3 to 4 hours and cost less then $50.

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The Melaka River flows through the city. This river was once used for the purpose of trade, especially during the time of 15th century, but today it is a tourist spot with one of the best natural design. The river flows by the streets and offers a great view particularly when the lights reflect in water at night.

Melaka River Once a Trade Centre now a Tourist Spot