Singapore to Melaka by Bus – A Journey Full of Excitement

A bus from Singapore to Melaka is a preferred way for tourists to travel to Malacca, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bus from Singapore to Melaka takes about 3 to 4 hours and cost less then $50.

Apologies Wright Brothers, but buses are still fun in most parts of the world. Especially when the distances are short and the place is as beautiful as Melaka, nobody would like another means than bus. This three to four hour ride bus from Singapore to Melaka is direct and full of anxiousness for the tourism that is about to begin.

Singapore to Melaka Bus Ride

Most economical way to travel to Melaka from Singapore is to board one of many buses that operates on the daily basis from various destinations in Singapore. Tourists can choose to travel in an economy bus or luxury bus. The luxury buses from Singapore to Melaka offers extra services as well like on-board WiFi.

Here is your complete guide to travel from Singapore to Melaka by Bus.

Ticketing Information

There is a flood of visitors to Melaka each year particularly since the city was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2008. The visitors can book their tickets to Melaka form the bus stops but online ticketing is also getting very popular.

The online ticketing is preferred for more than one reason. The online ticketing saves you from the hassle of visiting the express office. Also you can take your time in selecting among the alternative timings and services. The travelers can also choose the seating option and can reserve their seat in advance. The payment mode is online and you need to carry the print out of your confirmed booking.

The online ticketing option gives tourists ease to book their bus tickets online for their trip to Melaka from Singapore.

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Bus Ticket Pricing

The bus ticket pricing from Singapore to Melaka varies from US$30 to $100 dollars. The different in pricing varies from economy bus ride to luxury one. There is a little variation based on the quality of service offered in the bus. Coaches and buses both are available. The prices are subject to seasonal changes as well. You need to keep an eye on the seasonal demand in bus ticket pricing based on various events i.e.., school holidays, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Eid Holidays and other public holidays.

Bus Departure Time

It seems like the bus operators do not get tired all the day. You can catch an early bus in the morning or the one in the afternoon. There is a departure in about every hour or twp from almost every terminal in Singapore. A lot of expresses and bus services are offering bus trips to Melaka from Singapore. The double deckers are more fun, as it gives you a great view of the scenery along the way.

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Singapore Terminals

The buses from Singapore to Melaka departs from various destinations in Singapore. You can board a bus from Bugis or Orchard or other available bus terminals. You can seek information in all three languages i.e. English, Malay and Singaporean about the terminals. Some terminals offer only one type of vehicle but mostly there is an option between bus, coach and the double decker.

The bus ride from Singapore to Melaka is a preferred travel option among tourists. It’s an economical way of traveling & tourists can view scenery along the way as well. If you have traveled to Melaka recently from Singapore and would like to share your experience, please add comments below.

Feature Image Credit: Tomoaki INABA

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