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    Sri Poyyatha Vinayagar Moorthi Temple – Oldest in Melaka

    There are many history-based tourist attractions in Melaka. Relics such as temples, bridges, ancient buildings, forts, places of worship and others in full can be found in Melaka. These sites stretch of the city’s history that so many ancient relics are lucky to be maintained until now. Poyyatha Sri Vinayagar Moorthi Temple is a testament […] More

  • River Cruise Melaka Complete Guide. The historical cruise ride within the city centre of Melaka. Passengers on the boat can view the historical & colorful architecture at the both sides of the river during the ride. Boat leaves every 30 minutes.



    River Cruise Melaka let you capture Melaka History in 30 minutes

    A floating jetty, colorful lights reflecting their beauty through the mirror of water, dreamy lamp posts and the trees, all these make River Cruise Melaka a memorable experience and an unforgettable journey. As your cruise starts ‘sailing’, you will see the colorful Melaka architecture by the both sides, reflecting rich culture & heritage. Red, white […] More