Visit Golden Screen Cinema Melaka for Some Movie Time

visit Golden Screen Cinema Melaka for some movie time

Apart from exploring the historic sites and magnificence of the state of Melaka, watching a movie in the Golden Screen Cinema Melaka is yet another thing that you must include in your to-do lists while in Melaka. The most popular Golden Screen Cinema is well-known for being the number one entertainment spot in Melaka city where you can enjoy a load of your favorite movies and new releases.

Your trip is going to be incomplete without experiencing the special “Cinema Experiences” that GSC have to offer, such as VAR Box, Dolby Atmos, Onyx LED Technology, GSC Maxx, D-Box, and so much more.

Golden Screen Cinema Melaka

Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) is spread over 36 locations in all over Malaysia, with a total of 344 screens. There are two branches of Golden Screen Cinema Theatres that you can go to in Melaka, namely Golden Screen Cinema Aeon and Golden Screen Cinema Dataran Pahlawan.

1. GSC AEON Mall Bandaraya

GSC AEON Bandaraya Melaka is situated in Shopping Center 2, in Jalan Lagenda (Taman 1-Legenda). The Golden Screen Cinema AEON came into existence on 19th May 2011 and since then has been extremely popular in attracting many people and generating large scale revenues. The GSC AEON Bandaraya Melaka comprises of 10 cinema halls with an availability of 1,783 seats for viewers.

The theatres at GSC AEON are well-appointed with Dolby Digital sound systems, including Spectral Recording Digital (SRD) and Spectral Recording Digital Extended Recording (SRDEX). The core specialty of this branch is that it features Dolby Atmos and D-Box.

D-Box creates a fun-filled experience as it adds a magical touch to movies through immersive motion. This is especially used for action movies as here the viewers can feel the action scenes almost like they are a part of the movie that’s playing onscreen right before your eyes. Dolby Atmos on the other hand provides a strong and thrilling cinematic sound hearing experience as it allows soundwaves to flow through the theatre, thus generating a rather lively effect.

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For entertainment purposes, the cinema also keeps introducing a lot of leisurely programs for its visitors, such as announcing several one-of-a-kind promotional offers. The Golden Screen Cinema AEON Bandaraya Melaka promotes customer engagement even by organizing numerous promotion campaigns that are arranged by large scale companies.

2. GSC Dataran Pahlawan

GSC Dataran Pahlawan is the second branch of Golden Screen Cinema that is in Melaka Megamall. Melaka Mall is a shopping mall that is situated at Jalan Merdeka in Bandar Hilir. So, you double up the fun and have a perfect outing by going out for shopping and then enjoying a nice movie at GSC Dataran Pahlawan.

This branch was initiated on 3rd July 2008, before GSC AEON. It also comprises of ten cinema halls with a total of more than 2,000 seats available. Hall 1 is the most popular hall of this cinema as it accommodates 400 seats. The in-built sound systems in these theatres comprise of EX, SRD and DTS, and all the halls feature the Dolby Atmos sound system for a more dramatic and realistic cinema experience.

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Like the AEON branch, GSC Dataran Pahlawan also organizes special programs and events for all employees who work for their respective organizations. It is also capable of accommodating space for business level press conferences. Moreover, GSC Dataran Pehlawan’s wide spaced halls can also be booked by companies that wish to take out their employees on a movie night. Singles or group of individuals can pre-book their own tickets and choose seats through the online booking system that is specially designed for avoiding the long line of walk-in customers.

Seating arrangements in Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Melaka halls are quite relaxing and come in a variety of designs. There are special seats for couples as well as wider seats occupying more space which are specially reserved for people on wheelchair.

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